Fortnite Battle Royale Game Play Online

‘Fortnite’ is a computer game in survival genre that is being developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games companies nowadays. The gameplay is based on collecting items in the day-time and surviving at night, fighting against sinister creatures.

Every day can be the last

There are two modes of ‘Fortnite’: Save the World and Battle Royale. The first one is set in post-apocalyptic Earth after an abrupt disappearance of almost all the population, the survivors face even more terrifying realia – abominable zombies, craving for preys. In other words, playing the game, a person will cooperate with other characters on different missions, build new fortifications, collects necessary items and building tools, explore the territory and, importantly, defend against monsters’ attacks. Thus, building is a key issue within the game. The gamers can build and introduce alterations in already constructed buildings, walls, roofs, staircases, windows, creating these elements in accordance with one or another demand. Owing to this option, the game was described as a certain combination of ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Left 4 Dead’. A player can choose building materials: stone, wood, metal. Each building can be improved with more materials to make them more stable and reliable.

The terrain and maps are randomly generated and gamers are provided with various weaponry, for example, a shot-gun, a sniper rifle or even bladed weapons. There are four different types of characters in the game: ninja, foreigner, commandos and builder. These characters possess various skills. For instance, only a builder can construct a high wall, whereas in contrast a ninja is the best in close combats.

Build your own shelter

The gamers can also destruct decorations and environmental objects in order to get some resources. When a character obtains a yellow sphere, he is able to attack stronger and to collect loots faster. It is also possible to create one’s own type of arms and the skills of the character will improve through the progress and upgrading.

As for missions, they are divided between four world locations. Some of them are not available at once, as a character has to reach them later, and the others are special places for time-limited actions. Each location offers missions and its analysis: type, territory it takes place, level of difficulty and weather conditions. Most of the missions main point is to build a fortification and survive in destructive husks. As a rule, a weather forecast is available and the player is aware of possible danger, therefore, is able to improve the fortification. The time-limited missions require the player to help the survived, constructing special radar towers. Such missions make the gamers explore the territory, collect building materials, arms, traps, ammunition, etc. Sometimes when time is out or the necessary objects are destroyed, the mission is failed. In case of a successful result, the player’s rewards are extra resources, weapons or traps. The traps, important objects within the game, can be placed practically everywhere (even on walls and ceilings!); they offer some bonuses for players.

Team up and fight!

‘Battle Royale’ mode is more belligerent. It supports approximately 100 players or 4 squads, aimed to survive and to kill all the rivals. Peculiarly, the gamers do not have special tools or weaponry, except of pickaxes and parachutes. They have to explore the territory they landed in order to find some resources (arms, tools, ammunition) to preserve their existence. Unfortunately, the terrain is not so safe to dwell because of a ‘storm’. Being caught there means to die. Only the most agile are able to survive. This mode teaches people to cooperate, help each other, reaching the aims. Working together, the characters have more chances to stay alive and to outfight the opponents.