How do you feel about taking part in a huge fight with 100 crazy participants? A new multiplayer Fortnite Battle Royale is an incredible arcade that won’t leave indifferent, if you like different fights, of course. This game is popular that developers are adding new features frequently. For instance, one of their latest additions is a silenced pistol, which makes the game even more macabre, because now you can’t hear your enemy approaching you. The main goal of this arcade is survival, and you should concentrate on it firstly, and only when you are sure you are safe, you may kill your opponents. In this way, this game is different from many other fighting arcades, because you don’t have to kill the biggest number of enemies to win. The rules are simple, but it is only the first impression.

Your opponents are real people from all over the world, and you need to know the mentality of your contestants. Gamers from different cultures have various approaches to building strategies with cheats, so you need to take this into consideration. Computer bots would have been more predictable, but you aren’t searching for easy ways, are you? There is a free mode, while other should be bought for real money. You aren’t obliged to spend your money, so you can enjoy the game just the way it is. Though, the game is really worth every cent, because you will be granted an access to cool features that aren’t available in a free mode.

Do you like to play on your own, or with your friends? You can do both here. Remember that you don’t have to kill your friends to become the winner, so this won’t break your friendship. If you gather a nice team, you will be able to cope with all enemies more efficiently, and strengthen your relationships at the same time. If you want to prove you are invincible, you can do it on your own, and build your own world the way you want. various objects that you see on the map can be destructed, so you can make the surrounding peasant or ugly, depending on your mood at this very day. Kill, demolish and be quiet – these are the simple rules of the games, and they won’t let you fail.