Fortnite 2

Fighting is never so easy, but you can the best of it with a new game called Fortnite Battle Royale. This game gets more and more positive feedback, so you need to test it and see in your own eyes how everything works right here. You may enjoy it for free, or buy cool content that is definitely worth every cent, spent on it. The game touches upon the theme of violence, and you it’s up to you to decide, on which side you prefer to be – on the angel’s or devil’s.

You can play the main game whenever you have a desire to kill a couple of enemies in a separate universe, and you don’t have to pay for it. There are some things you need to know before you start, so here are some of most prominent pieces of advice. First of all, you should stay as quiet, as possible. The thing is that you may be hidden in a shelter, and no one can see you, but your opponents can hear you, and they won’t waste their chance to kill you. And one of the loudest sounds is running, so you should avoid this. Then, it would be better to use headphones, because this will help to notice your enemies more efficiently. Think about your safety, or, it’s better to say, remember that you aren’t safe at any time and place. You should wait for the attack every second and be ready to fight back.

There is a dreadful circle in the game, and you need to avoid it for as long as possible. If are trapped in it, the timer starts ticking, and you have to get out of it. In this way, you can die not only from your real contestant. Think carefully about your chances to win, because this game is very tricky. You need to be sure you will win the fight, and only on this condition you should start the fight. Remember that the main point in the game is not shooting the biggest number of enemies. Yes, you may get to the top places with the minimal number of points just because you were able to stay alive. You need to take care about your survival more than about killing your enemies.

If you have settled a perfect strategy, and it seems to be working quite perfect, you still need to think about other options. Try to think several steps ahead, and then if some part of your plan fails, you will be able to rethink it and make necessary changes. This is a kind of a sandbox, where you are building your own world by demolishing certain objects, so you should think about gathering some resources that you might need while building your territory. There is a wide choice of locations, so you will never be bored by their abundance.  The game is full of different features, and they can’t be described with just a couple of words. Take weapons in your hands, and start exploring on your own!