Fortnite: Battle Royale

‘Battle Royale’ is a newly released mode of the legendary game ‘Fortnite’. Practically every device supports it. The mode offers to take one’s chances playing with 4 squads or up to 100 people at once.

The game is set on post-apocalyptic territories, abandoned and neglected. The survived crave to preserve their existence by all means, therefore, they are sinister and brutal. The gamers, characters, landed unexpectedly by means of gliders, have to explore new horizons. Being automatically grouped, the players have to coordinate exploration work and support each other. While exploring, the main task is to collect necessary materials, weapons, ammunition, tools, etc. The collected things will be helpful when another mission is in process – the fortifications construction or improvement of existing buildings.  Puzzled and bewildered, the characters were at first, as they have only pickaxes. Later having found some useful tools they are able to fight against the opponents’ attacks and build shelters or set traps. The traps are also helpful devices against the rivals.

As for the loot, the gamers have a possibility to know its status and rating. For example, some of weapons are marked with green and it means that the weapon is uncommon, purple color means epic type, blue – rarity, etc.

While playing, the gamers will experience a playable zone diminishing. It is one of the mode tricky features – the players, which are out the safety line, automatically lose health and are more likely to die. So, the agilest will outlive.