Fortnite Dev Update

‘Battle Royale’, a mode for ‘Fortnite Dev Update’, turns to be a real success among ardent players and game fans. It is still in development, though millions of people all over the world have already tried it. It works on almost all platforms (except Linux based OS). The mode supports up to 100 players or 4 squads of gamers, combining building features of ‘Fortnite’ and belligerence of PVP combat.

The game setting is still the same, post-apocalyptic earth with strange weather conditions and sinister survivors, craving for fights.  The players just landed at an unknown territory, unarmed and puzzled. They have got only a map, glider and a pickaxe. The latter is their only hope to outlive. In order to stay alive they have to work in teams, exploring the place. While getting acquainted with a new locality, the players’ main goal is collecting different stuff: building tools, weapons, necessary building materials. All these things, eventually, will be used in new fortifications construction or empowerment of current ones. Setting traps is also a helpful skill that may save someone’s life. Peculiarly, the traps can be set at any nook (even on the ceiling of a building).

Basically, the key point is to be alive at any means. While playing, the gamers will face a playable zone diminishing. It means that all the characters located out the line of safety are in danger.

There are 13 playing locations open to explore. Some of them, like Loot Lake, Pleasant Park or Fatal Fields, are promising to delve into. Exploring new lands, eventually, players will find loot chests with weapons inside. As for weaponry, there are arms with various levels of rarity. For example, common armament is of gray color, uncommon – green, rare – blue, legendary – orange, and epic – purple.

As the mode is still in development, armament is constantly been added to the list. In other words, the player should check the list of weaponry in advance, looking for the best and or the rarest weapons.