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‘Battle Royale’ is a free mode of ‘Fortnite’, released in 2017. It supports up to 100 players or 4 squads and can be played on PC, Xbox One, Mac and PlayStation 4. The mode possesses the same game mechanics as a meta-game, though the rules and playing conditions have been slightly altered. The game setting is post-apocalyptic Earth. This time the players landed at an unknown terrain, provided with maps, parachutes and pickaxes only. A new territory is a total challenge, because it may hide terrible dangers. So, the characters have to explore it thoroughly in order to find necessary tools, weaponry and building materials. After that, they have to construct reliable fortifications and kill the rivals, the other survived, craving to preserve their existence.

The developers created several locations for playing: Pleasant Park, Anarchy Acres, greasy Grove, Loot Lake, Fatal Fields, Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, tomato Town, Dusty Depot, Moisty Mire, etc. Exploring them, the gamers have chances to find plenty of loots and face danger as well. Therefore, working together, the characters are more likely to gain success, because teamwork, cooperation and support mean a lot. Players need to remember that there are certain rules. For instance, cheating, as well as killing your team members, is not acceptable.