Fortnite Update

Fighting in a multiplayer has plenty of advantages, and you may clearly see this in Fortnite Battle Royale. This game gets plenty of cool updates, and the beginning of 2018 started positively: there was a huge addition of important features to the game, which include silenced pistol. Unfortunately, this type of weapon isn’t frequently used among gamers, because of different reasons, but it’s time to change your priorities and see how everything works. You can find this tool in various chests and supply drops, or even find on special levels. The other major update includes a new mode Sneaky Silencers. As you may see, everything touches upon sounds again, and you may clearly see how being really silent is important. Though this mode has a very limited access in time, gamers will take the most advantage from it.

If you have forgotten the main rules of the game, here you get a short reminder. This is survival game, where you need to make efforts to stay alive. Though here you have to kill other gamers, the main point is not in the number of murdered opponents. You need to be not dead, and you can do it only by keeping silence. Don’t run, don’t be in a hurry, and listen carefully to the sounds that other gamers produce. You need nice headphones for this, but your life, even virtual one, is well worth buying nice sample. And don’t forget about a nice company – you don’t have to play on your own. You can invite your faithful friends to your team, and see, whether this tactics will work to bring you to the top. Remember that everything depends on your skill to be silent and furious.